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Makura massacre

Thursday there was a massacre in my room. Of makuras, or better known as spiders. They are the most massive I have ever seen in my life and I am trying desperately to be okay with them. Anyways, on my first night I went to use the bathroom (a small shack, outside the house, with a porcelain hole in the ground. Seriously!) and there was a HUGE spider just staring at me. I managed to use the bathroom without incident and crossed my fingers that I would never see one again. Anyway, thursday night I go to my room and there is one just hanging out above my bed! NOO, this is not happening. I know you’re all assuming I probably started crying, but really, I didn’t! I went outside and gestured to my house father (Baba) anticipating him to start laughing at me. But he did not! And then the massacre happened. I wish I’d gotten it on film. My little old parents jumping up and down and under my bed, chasing this makura, yelling at it (I think), and not giving up til every last one was killed. I just stood in the corner helpless, feeling like a big moron. I was silly to assume there was just one, because when all was said and done they had captured and killed at least 5. 

Next they decided that it would be to my benefit to put up an ancient mosquito net that I swear was made of lace and probably older than they are. They had obviously never used such a thing before, made clear by the 30 minute process and final outcome. When all was said and done, I had a lopsided yellow tinted net that was more effective as a decoration that anything else. They had managed to place the “entrance” of the mosquito net directly against the wall, leaving my entire bed exposed to spiders and no real way for me to get in or out. “Thanks!” I said “This is great!” They appeared to be quite impressed with themselves. Needless to say, I did not use the mosquito net that night. 

I wish they had not killed the makuras. In fact, I am surprised they did. The Nepali culture is very much centered around a belief of karma. It can not be good karma to murder innocent makuras. I am sure there must be a gang of them coming for me now. Everyone in Nepal assures me they are harmless and there is no such thing as a poisonous spider in this region. I can only assume I will find out.Image