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I Don’t Even Know What to Call This One

I will never complain about spiders or leeches again. Ever again. I swear. My problems are so much bigger. Wait for it…. RATS. BIG FREAKIN RATS. Except the Nepali people refuse to call them that, they are “just mouse”. Are you kidding? They are size of a small child and wake me up from my sleep. That is not a mouse. And “they don’t bite ever, but I do this one lady…”. Oh, okay.. so they do bite. Needless to say I did not sleep last night. And yes this morning I cried. Many times. First, when my sleepy eyed father opened his bedroom door at 2am to find me sleeping across it on the porch. Very confusing moment for us both. I decided the porch was safer than my bedroom, for some reason. Then a lady told me today that she heard a tiger crying last night. First of all- tigers cry???? Second of all- are you sure you didn’t just hear me??? Whatever. Anyway, sobbed some more over breakfast when I finally found out the nepali word for ‘rat’ (it falls under the same definition as ‘mouse’. ugh.) and tried to relay my odd behaviour to my mother. I couldn’t tell if she was scared for me or of me. She tried to be sweet about it thought…. tea!! Then I went to my volunteer post and and balled when my two middle aged male coworkers asked me how I was this morning. NOT OKAY!!! They immediately regretted it and I don’t think will ever ask me again. I did tell them I was sorry once I got myself together. Now I am down in the city, eating tabbouleh and drinking lemondade with my newly purchased mosquito net aka mouse net sitting next to me. I don’t know who I’m fooling. A mouse will claw through it in a half second but I’m gonna just pretend we’re all good. 

Hopefully I fall asleep before the roid-raged “mice” come out to play tonight. Or I will have to take an elephant dose of sleeping pills. Also am considering asking mom and dad if I can move into their room? Yay? Nay? Last night I saw the first one scurry across the rafter just before I got into bed, it was game over from there. I took turns between breathing and saving myself from the mice under my sauna sleeping bag. Saving myself would have won everytime except that suffocating kind of hurts. A few people offered to let me stay at their homes in the city tonight, but I declined because I’m either pretending to be a lot braver than I really am or I’ve just totally lost it. Dunno. But I do love the village and I want to make it work. I just wish night time didn’t exist. Or the super mice. Whichever. 

PS- Had a GREAT weekend! But too amped up on the animals right now to write about it. Came to the city (Pokhara) and stayed at a little hotel ($7 a night!) right in the central area. Went exploring and sightseeing with friends and then to the Nepali women’s festival yesterday!