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Hating technology right about now, thought I made a post last night but apparently I was just typing to myself. I would say first world problems but I am in a third world country so that would be innacurate. It’s AMAZING how the world has changed, even since I was in Asia 6 years ago. Wifi in my hostel, are you kidding me?? I can’t imagine that will be the case when I move to my village, so I will enjoy it now.  I arrived in Kathmandu (30 hours, 3 planes, 0 showers, and 2 lost luggage bags later) last night around 7pm. It was mostly uneventful, despite my lack of sleep I only cried once, and that was because the flight attendant refused to let me have eggs for breakfast since I had ordered the “vegetarian lacto-ovo” meal. My “special” meal included ravioli and broccoli, which they insisted was indeed a breakfast. What can I say I like my eggs and I get emotional (okay, REALLY emotional) when I’m over tired.

It was pitch black when I arrived so I have not really yet seen what is around me. Lights are far and few between in this city. There was another girl that came in on my flight whos bags were lost as well (quick laugh- me: “My luggage got lost in Dubai, but there’s another girl in the same boat so it’s okay” mom:”You took a boat to Nepal???”). So I guess I will be the smelly girl at orientation today, good thing I wasn’t trying to make friends. Also glad I chose a white shirt.. it really hides the dirt well. One thing going for me is that I did wear yoga pants, SCORE. My utah friend slept in her jeans. I managed to trick my body into going to bed last night, but could not convince it to sleep past 6 this morning. Small victories. Alright, well I’m going to go see what they serve for  breakfast here at the Kathmandu Peace Guest House (eggs if they know what’s good for them) and maybe convince someone to make a drive to the airport. Later, friends!