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Hey friends and family! Welcome to my blog. (Disclaimer- 2 things I did not intend to be at age 25,  1.homeless 2.blogger. But here we are!)  I will share my thoughts, experiences, successes, and struggles of life across Asia. Hopefully, the content will be entertaining and enjoyable for you… but really, blogging scares me more than going to Asia alone does- so no promises!

Now, lets get to the adventure-
WHY (am I crazy?)
WHERE (wouldn’t I prefer an area of the world that has toilets?)
WHAT (No, I do not know where or with whom I will be living next week)
WHEN (my bank account will likely dictate the answer to this)

Ever since I was young, I have been addicted to traveling. It started when I moved to Paris, France with my family at age 13 and it hasn’t stopped. I love- the challenge, the new people, the interesting cultures, the spontaneity, the change of pace, and the experiences that come with being completely outside of my comfort zone. So, before I moved to Salt Lake City, UT three years ago, I promised myself I would save  the necessary money and go on an adventure. Well, the time has come and now I am leaving behind the most amazing job at Huntsman Cancer Hospital, a comfortable life of friends and family, a perfect boyfriend, and pretty much everything else I know. It is hard, but worth it. Those things will likely be there when I return, and having this opportunity is a unique, life-shaping experience.

After ultimately deciding my plan to ‘go everywhere’ was not entirely realistic, I narrowed down my destination to ‘anywhere’ in asia. More specifically, Nepal and the countries of South east Asia. This decision was based on my past experiences in Thailand, a trip that left me wanting much more.

So I begin in Nepal. I land in Kathmandu on Saturday evening and join a volunteer group called Hope & Home that I have signed on with for the next month. I will have a few days of orientation in Nepal’s capitol city before I find out my placement and (mode of transportation tbd) get sent off to a rural village with my backpack and enthusiasm. I will live with a Nepalese family and work in a health clinic, I think. I decided this was a good way to start my adventure and get my foot in the Asian door. Then, the door opens real wide and I will explore the rest of Asia on a whim. Some top destination desires: trek in the himalayas, learn to scuba in Thailand, motorbike in Vietnam, and sightsee in Cambodia. But who knows, maybe I will be a yogi in India or never leave Nepal. This is the fantastic flexibility of traveling by yourself!

I currently have a return ticket to Boston, MA for the end of December. My intention was to leave with a one-way ticket, but the cost effectiveness of a round trip ticket was convincing. I do however, have the option to change this ticket for a fee- so I may be home in October (please no.) or March. My limiting factors are money, and that I’m pretty sure if I stay much past December someone from my job will get on a plane, find me, and physically put me on the next flight. Love you guys!

Well,  a few more cuts to make on the clothing roster before I can zip my bag closed and maybe a panic attack or 5 (crap, this is really happening!) … then I will be on my way!