Hope you are all enjoying December. December for me has brought a new country and a decision to extend my stay in Asia. After much thought, I have decided that it what I want and what is right for me at this particular moment in my life. That being said, I change my mind a lot and you shouldn’t be completely surprised if I book a ticket home on Christmas Eve. Anyway, having worked as an oncology nurse for 3 years I have been well exposed to the fragility and preciousness of life. We only get one of them after all, so might as well make the most of it. And right now I feel like this is the thing in my life I need to be doing. So we will see.

I am now in Vietnam, having arrived last Wednesday from Thailand. Vietnam is amazing, but more on that later. My few last days in Thailand were filled with islands, scuba diving, food, and nights out. After my last post, I left on a 3 night scuba diving live aboard boat. It was me and 24 of my closest friends. Well kind of. Most of them I met that day, but also many of them were new friends that I had met hanging out in Khao Lak for the past week. Both students and instructors, it was such a good group of people. We left on friday night, and spent the next 3 days rising with the sun and scuba diving until our bodies were pruned. We did 3-4 dives a day, at various sites around the Similan Islands. On Sunday we did a night dive, which entails complete darkness and flashlights! Definitely makes your heart flutter, but the ocean at night is a whole different place. I saw so many cool fish and octopus and eels and snakes and turtles and coral. And I am finally officially an open water certified diver! I am hoping to get a couple more dives in on my tour of Asia, might even go back to Thailand. Anyone want to join me?? A few of my friends there were completing a 6 week ‘Dive Master’ training, which allows them to eventually become diving instructors but also certifies them to lead trips. Many of them end up working in Khao Lak for the season and then often ‘chase’ the scuba seasons around the globe. Mexico anyone?

After returning from the boat trip, I stayed one day longer in Khao Lak than originally anticipated. I just have such a hard time saying goodbye to places I love! But my friend I was meeting in Vietnam was delayed due to visa troubles so I figured why not, right! Monday night consisted of a big night out with my new scuba friends, lots of Thai beer and live music. Yes please. Also some late night pool poaching at the most luxurious hotel pool I’ve ever seen. It look like it could have maybe hosted the olympics of Ancient Greece. Tuesday and wednesday was beach time and last minute souvenir shopping before I was on my way to Ho Chi Minh City. My travels were undoubtedly filled with a little bit of chaos, because that’s just the way it goes. This time it was a matter of immigration. My flight to HCMC from Phuket included a layover in Bangkok. I ‘checked out’ of Thailand at Phuket immigration and was labeled with a ‘fly thru’ sticker upon boarding the plane. Apparently this meant I was to remain in my seat at arrival in Bangkok and wait for an escort to my next international flight. Well I must have been sleeping during that announcement because as my head was up in the clouds I followed the rest of my air asia compatriots and suddenly found myself standing at the baggage claim. As in, on the very wrong side of immigration. As in, CRAP I was in the country illegally. I literally RAN to immigration, where I tried hopelessly to explain myself before even handing over my passport. To which I was responded with “You have departure stamp!!! Why you in Thailand?!?!” Uh Oh. I was escorted to the immigration office where someone recognized my ‘fly thru’ sticker and after making copies of my entire passport decided I was okay to, re-depart. I squeezed out a few tears that may have helped as well. Anyways, in my stressful situation recovery time I was unfortunate enough to pass a McDonalds and gave in immediately. Oops. Some things are just out of my control. The rest of the travels were uneventful and I arrived safely in Vietnam.

Since arriving here, I have come down with some rare unknown strain of the Asian bird flu. Well not quite, but my face feels frequently likes its going to pop and I have never seen such a rapid production of snot in my life. Fortunately it has not been debilitating, most just a huge annoyance, but hopefully it will be on its way soon. So, after a day in Saigon I have made may way north where I am exploring the Central Highlands by motorcycling. Aside from saying it is absolutely amazing, I will wait until the completion of the trip on Tuesday to fill you in on the rest! Good luck with the Christmas shopping and hope you are all enjoying the snow. xox.

1 thought on “To Vietnam

  1. i love you melissa!!! i miss you..and i’m so jealous. so happy you decided to stay in asia (even though i miss you)..good for you..love you lots xoxo

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